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Download XXXTentacion Album - ? (Zip File)

New Album: XXXTentacion – “?”

New Album: XXXTentacion - "?"

New Album: XXXTentacion – “?”

XXXTentacion discharges his new collection “?” highlighting PnB Rock, Matt Ox, Joey Bada$$ and more.

In the wake of hitting us with tunes like “Tragic” and “Changes” as of late, Florida sensation XXXTentacion chooses to come through today and offer whatever is left of his new collection ?.

Bound with 18 tracks altogether, the follow up to a year ago’s introduction exertion 17 highlights visitor appearances for PnB Rock, Matt Ox, Travis Barker and Joey Bada$$. In the mean time generation is taken care of by John Cunningham, Smash David, TM88, TrePounds, and XXXTentacion himself among others.

“This collections not about the words, it’s about the inclination… it’ll be difficult to see, yet simple to hear it out… not what you’re expecting, regardless of whether you have a feeling that you comprehend my music, be set up to not comprehend this music.”


1. “Introduction (Instructions)”
2. “Alone, Part 3”
3. “Moonlight”
4. “Sad!”
5. “The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)”
6. “Floor 555”
7. “Numb”
8. “Infinity (888)” featuring Joey Bada$$
9. “Going Down!”
10. “Pain = Bestfriend” featuring Travis Barker
11. “$$$” featuring Matt Ox
12. “Love Yourself (Interlude)”
13. “Smash!” featuring PnB Rock
14. “I Don’t Even Speak Spanish LOL”
15. “Changes”
16. “Hope”
17. “Schizophrenia”
18. “Before I Close My Eyes”


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