New Album: Famous Dex – “Dex Meets Dexter”

New Album: Famous Dex - "Dex Meets Dexter zip download

New Album: Famous Dex – “Dex Meets Dexter”

Famous Dex’ make a big appearance collection “Dex Meets Dexter” has arrived.

Well known Dex has turned out to be a respected mixtape ware, with his vivified nearness lighting up a year ago’s Rich Forever 3 tape close by Rich The Kid and Jay Critch. In addition, Dexter has demonstrated himself shrewd past his years, at any rate where his ancestors are concerned. A genuine understudy of the diversion, Famous Dex has looked for motivation from the legends, remaining respectable where some of his companions have wavered. However he’s consistently stayed consistent with self, and over the span of his fourteen track presentation, Dex and additionally Dexter endeavors to set up himself as a performance craftsman. Be that as it may, how can he passage on Dex Meets Dexter?

Normally, the insightful reaction is tune in for yourself. In case you’re a devotee of his style, you’ll no uncertainty discover bounty to appreciate. While he won’t not come through with the bars of his most loved OG rappers, Dex stays consistent with self generally. Beside the average Dexter indulgence, there a few snapshots of experimentation, principally with melodic, pop-accommodating cuts; “Demonstrate It” discovers Dex flexing the vocals over a quieted guitar riff, while “Light” discovers him coasting over some environmental, significant key synths.

Famous Dex’s Dex Meets Dexter Tracklist

1. “DMD”
2. “Prove It”
3. “Japan”
4. “Deadpool”
5. “Light” featuring Drax Project
6. “Celine”
7. “Take Her” featuring Wiz Khalifa
8. “Hemi”
9. “Pick It Up” featuring ASAP Rocky
10. “Them Days”
11. “Said So”
12. “Xoxo”
13. “Chump”
14. “Champion” featuring Diplo


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