New Mixtape: Lud Foe – ‘No Hooks 2′

New Mixtape: Lud Foe Drops - ‘No Hooks 2′

New Mixtape: Lud Foe Drops – ‘No Hooks 2′

As far back as dropping records like “187” in 2016 and “Cuttin Up” the year after, Lud Foe has turned out to be one of the most sultry rappers leaving Chicago’s West Side right at this point. He raps with an outrage that is purer than most you hear in hip-jump, and his beats, gave for the most part by Kid Wond3r, have a lot of percussion and ricochet to them.

Presently, Lud Foe has dropped the spin-off of No Hooks, his breakout 2016 mixtape. You can purchase No Hooks 2 on iTunes now and stream it by means of Apple Music now.Heartbreak on a Full Moon is the up and coming eighth studio collection by American artist Chris Brown. The collection is booked to discharge on October 31, 2017 by RCA Records. The CD adaptation will hit the stores on November 3.

Lud Foe’s No Hooks 2 Tracklist

1. “Water” (prod. by Just Spvnk)
2. “Suffer” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
3. “Big Tymerz” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
4. “Boss” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
5. “Could’ve Bought” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
6. “Ewww” Feat. Cago Leek (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
7. “Fallin Out” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
8. “I Hang” (prod. by DY808)
9. “New” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
10. “Poof” (prod. by Just Spvnk)
11. “Look Up To” Feat. Stewie (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
12. “Side” (prod. by Just Spvnk)
13. “Recuperate” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
14. “Regular” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
15. “To the Money” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
16. “Real Big” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
17. “Using It” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
18. “Alphabet” (prod. by DY808)
19. “Where My Scale” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
20.” Wired” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
21. “Duffle” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)


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