J.I.D – Para Tu

J.I.D - Para Tu

J.I.D – Para Tu

J.I.D’s. most up to date extend is really a more seasoned one, a 2013 mixtape called Para Tu. In the wake of being uncovered on r/hiphopheads, the tape inevitably discovered its way back to J.I.D., who was satisfied to see that fans were adoring it. “I brought this down in light of the fact that I be touchy with my specialty in some cases, however being acknowledged is the feels,” tweeted the rapper, who has been making waves since The Never Story dropped not long ago. “Ima continue dealing with the new doe.”

Plainly, J.I.D. values his fans, and we welcome him appropriate back. All things considered, this kind of move is an uncommon one, particularly for a craftsman marked to a noteworthy name. Make certain to look at this one and support, particularly in the event that you like expressive hip-bounce. J.I.D. sounds especially hungry all through, conveying bars with the fierceness of an up-and-comer. In case you’re a fan, you’ll no uncertainty discover Para Tu an appreciated expansion to the youthful rapper’s developing discography.

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